Spousal Support Entitlement and Retirement

St-Jean v Fridgen, 2017 ONSC 7680
Ultimately, Justice Trousdale held that there should be a variation of the current spousal support order to reflect the material change in the Husband’s income and the parties’ similar standard of living.
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When a Motion to Change to Vary Child Support is Successful

Abelman v. Abelman, 2017 ONSC 1810
The mother brought a motion to change the terms of child support to entitle her to financial assistance from her first ex-husband.
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When and Why Retirement is NOT Considered a Material Change in Circumstances

Hanniman v Hanniman, 2017 ONSC 7536
Eight months after signing a separation agreement, the Applicant voluntarily retired from the RCMP at the age of 52 after a 35 year career. He is moving to terminate his spousal support obligations and his obligation to maintain the Respondent as a beneficiary of his life insurance policy, due to a material change in circumstances.
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Cohabitation Agreements and Release of Spousal Support

Smith v Smith, 2017 ONCA 759
In this case, the Applicant Wife is trying to overturn a cohabitation agreement that she and the Respondent Husband had signed prior to their eighteen year marriage.
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A “Child” Moving Away to get a PhD: Clarifying the Family Law Definition of Children

Makdissi v. Masson, 2017 ONSC 6498
This dispute asks whether a parent has an obligation to continue paying child support for adult children as they pursue additional post-secondary degrees, in this case a PhD.
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Dispensing Consent in Adoption Orders

RC and TG v AC and BD, 2017 ONSC 6960
This case involves an Application to dispense with the biological parents’ consent to the adoption of a child, and sets out the applicable law and provides a thorough analysis on this issue.
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How Emails Can Impact Your Family Law Matter

Clark v Moxley, 2017 ONSC 4971
This case – regarding a parenting dispute about whether there should be an equal parenting schedule and whether the child should attend the school of his choice or the school that his mother had chosen for him – serves as a caution and reminder about how the use of emails (and social media, generally) can impact one’s family law matter.
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