Motion for Summary Judgement When Setting Aside a Separation Agreement

Shinder v. Shinder, 2017 ONSC 4177
This case sets out the standard that ought to be met in order to determine whether to deny the setting aside of a separation agreement on summary motion.
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Cheaters Never Prosper: Why Deception in Disclosure Can Cost You

Virc v. Blair, 2017 ONCA 394
This case serves to expand upon the standard of disclosure required in a separation agreement for it to withstand s. 56(4)(a) of the Family Law Act.
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Time after Time: Extending the Limitation Period for Equalization

Paulsen v Paulsen 2017 ONSC 2937
This case highlights the test for an extension of the limitation period for equalization, as well as the test to determine valuation date.
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