Non-Parent Access to a Child

Geisler v Georgeoff 2017 ONSC 5746
The Court recognized that the Applicant suffered as a result of the loss of his relationship with the child; however, the child did not suffer a corresponding loss. Notably, “suffering” by the non-parent is not a basis for granting access.
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Arbitration and Requests for Adjournments – Treating Parties Fairly and Equally, and the Importance of Weighing Prejudice

Lockman v Rancourt, 2017 ONSC 2274
This case stands for the principle that arbitrators must weigh and compare the issue of prejudice to both parties when granting or refusing an adjournment.
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Motion for Summary Judgement When Setting Aside a Separation Agreement

Shinder v. Shinder, 2017 ONSC 4177
This case sets out the standard that ought to be met in order to determine whether to deny the setting aside of a separation agreement on summary motion.
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