When and Why Retirement is NOT Considered a Material Change in Circumstances

Hanniman v Hanniman, 2017 ONSC 7536
Eight months after signing a separation agreement, the Applicant voluntarily retired from the RCMP at the age of 52 after a 35 year career. He is moving to terminate his spousal support obligations and his obligation to maintain the Respondent as a beneficiary of his life insurance policy, due to a material change in circumstances.
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Incarceration for Defaulting on Child Support Obligations

The Director, Family Responsibility Office For the benefit of N.S. (Applicant) AND W.G. (Respondent)
The Director of the Family Responsibility Office (hereinafter, “FRO”), brought a default proceeding against the Father for failure to honour the Child Support Order of the Honourable Justice Sheila O’Connell. The Father was in default of child support arrears in the amount of $58,993.00. He missed over 86 support payments since 2010.
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