Child Support, Spousal Support, Self-Sufficiency and a Material Change in Circumstances

Butler v Butler, 2018 ONSC 2409
It is important to note that the parties’ separation agreement was negotiated and drafted by accountants (not lawyers). Although the Agreement did not include Certificate(s) of Independent Legal Advice, paragraph 43 did stipulate that the parties received independent legal advice and understood their rights. The father filed a Motion to Change the provisions of child support and spousal support.
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Incarceration for Defaulting on Child Support Obligations

The Director, Family Responsibility Office For the benefit of N.S. (Applicant) AND W.G. (Respondent)
The Director of the Family Responsibility Office (hereinafter, “FRO”), brought a default proceeding against the Father for failure to honour the Child Support Order of the Honourable Justice Sheila O’Connell. The Father was in default of child support arrears in the amount of $58,993.00. He missed over 86 support payments since 2010.
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Breakthrough in Child Support Legislation: Coates v. Watson, 2017 ONCJ 454

This case is a monumental breakthrough in family law legislation. A mother challenged the constitutionality of child support provisions. The issue before the Court was whether section 31 of the Family Law Act (FLA) discriminated against adult disabled children of unmarried parents on the basis of parental marital status and disability, violating section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
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Emancipation and Financial Obligation

This case raises the question; in what circumstances do parents have an obligation to support children who have completely withdrawn from their care? Justice Marvin Kurz was tasked with determining whether a 17-year-old girl’s father should financially support her academic pursuits at an American university after she was emancipated.
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