Ojeikere v. Ojeikere 2018 CarswellOnt 5917, 2018 ONCA 372

The main point of contention in this case pertains to the custody dispute of the…

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Child Support, Spousal Support, Self-Sufficiency and a Material Change in Circumstances

Butler v Butler, 2018 ONSC 2409
It is important to note that the parties’ separation agreement was negotiated and drafted by accountants (not lawyers). Although the Agreement did not include Certificate(s) of Independent Legal Advice, paragraph 43 did stipulate that the parties received independent legal advice and understood their rights. The father filed a Motion to Change the provisions of child support and spousal support.
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Imputing Income – Intentional Underemployment

Lavie v Lavie 2018 ONCA 10
The Father argued that the trial judge erred in imputing an income to him when he was in fact unintentionally under employed, while imputing no income to the Mother was intentionally underemployed.
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No Material Change: Court Dismisses Motion to Reinstate Access

M.A.L v R. H. M, 2018 ONSC 1597
This motion was brought by a father who sought to reinstate access to his 8-year old son, who he had not seen in six years. The father also sought to terminate a permanent restraining order against him.
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